Monday, April 27, 2009

Saving Codes at Target

So I am a huge fan of Target...I love their store and today I came across this info and thought I would share:

While I’m not sure how much money you can save with this information, I recently learned that Target has a numeric system for letting employees know which products are discounted:
*Items with prices ending in $__._9 are the regular price
*Items with prices ending in $__,_8 are discounted
*The small numbers in the top right corner of the price tag indicate the percentage discount you’re getting off of the regular price (for example, if you see “75”, that’s 75% off the regular or original price).
Another bit of info...if the price ends in a 4, such as $5.94, that signifies that it is the last time an item will be marked down...if it doesn't sell, it'll get pulled off the floor. Now, this is not concrete...the person marking down the item usually has the option to mark it down once or twice more...but if you really want it, grab it while you have the chance!!!

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