Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tyson Chicken Giveaway!!

So today I am finding the best giveaways. Don't miss out on these...Win 10 coupons for any bagged or boxed Tyson Frozen Breaded Chicken or Tyson Any’tizers, up to 9.99 value each at Busy Mom. Ends 5/12/09

Awesome giveway...

Today I found this awesome giveaway over on Two of a Kind Working on a Full House. They have the cutest hand stamped mommy necklaces that would be great for Mother's Day coming up in less than 2 weeks. The one that is pictured looks like a twin one and having twins I about died when I saw it! ADORABLE!! It has their names on it and birthstones that dangle. But check out the website Lauren Nicole Gifts for the neatest monogrammed stuff. They have baby blankets, headbands, bags, wedding stuff. It's really fun and lots of ideas for moms!! :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Save 80% on certificates with code LUCKY
Pay only $2 for a $25 certificate, or only $8 for a $100. Stock up at this price, certificates last for a year! They make great Mother's Day gifts!

Saving Codes at Target

So I am a huge fan of Target...I love their store and today I came across this info and thought I would share:

While I’m not sure how much money you can save with this information, I recently learned that Target has a numeric system for letting employees know which products are discounted:
*Items with prices ending in $__._9 are the regular price
*Items with prices ending in $__,_8 are discounted
*The small numbers in the top right corner of the price tag indicate the percentage discount you’re getting off of the regular price (for example, if you see “75”, that’s 75% off the regular or original price).
Another bit of info...if the price ends in a 4, such as $5.94, that signifies that it is the last time an item will be marked down...if it doesn't sell, it'll get pulled off the floor. Now, this is not concrete...the person marking down the item usually has the option to mark it down once or twice more...but if you really want it, grab it while you have the chance!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

{Hightlights for Kids}

New puzzle fun for ages 4–7!
Puzzle Buzz gets kids thinking and feeling excited about what they can accomplish...
Puzzle Buzz is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your young child to the skill-building fun of puzzles, mazes, matching games, and more! Each 32-page book includes 3 interactive sticker activities and a wide variety of colorful puzzles that will keep your child happy and busy as a bee. With Puzzle Buzz, kids think just for the fun of it!

A about a month ago I got an offer in the mail for these Highlight books and thought they would be great for my "puzzle loving" kids. They come every 5 weeks and are pretty inexpensive for all the stuff that come inside the books. Extremely worth it for the hours my children have spent devouring them. I checked out the website and there dozens of other magazines to subscribe to for all age groups. Click here for the website: HIGHLIGHTS

Friday, April 24, 2009


So I came across this website OLDNAVYWEEKLY after hearing about some great coupons you can get by clicking on hidden things on the mannequins or within their scenes. It comes out every Friday at midnight and I hear it's tough to get the good one - $75 off $100 purchase. But there are some other great deals I thought I would share with you...
Click and drag the blue stripe shirt onto the pink stripe shirt on the mannequin for $5 off swimsuits.
Watch the video and click on her powder puff for $10 off $50 purchase.
Double click on the lady's red hair (comb it like Kelly) and get 30% off - right now I think that's the best one!
Click on the little girls shorts and get $5 off by purchasing adult and kid shorts.
Click on the mom with the girl and get $5 off purchase of $25.
There are two that are out and that's clicking to erase the cotton candy and a red ball bouncing in the screen with the mom and little girl. I think one of those was the big one - they both will say scandal and the coupons are gone. The coupons are good for a week and only in store. You can only print one not all of them. Good Luck!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

○○Easter Eggs○○

This year I tried a fun new way of decorating Easter eggs with my kids. It's fun to use the white crayon that comes in the package, but I came across the idea to use rubber cement. We were in a hurry that afternoon to get to a baptism so I ended up just writing the kids names on them with the glue. It dried really fast and they were able to dip them and than that evening I peeled it off while the kids added stickers to their eggs. It wasn't too messy but next year I will let them paint it on themselves. I wanted to try it out first and ran out of time to let them do it. Sorry I am not very overly creative, it was an after thought and a quick idea. So next year have fun with it and send me your pictures.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

**Jelly Bean Bracelets**

Today after our church Easter Egg Hunt I wanted to try this fun project with the kids. All you need is jelly beans, stretch cord, and a small dull knitting needle. All of it probably cost me less than $5.00!
Poke a hole in the jelly bean and than flip it over and push it totally through. It was a very sticky and long process, but the kids had a lot of fun. My suggestions would be to keep cleaning your needle, your hands, and the ends of the cord to help string it better. My jelly beans did keep cracking but they stayed on the cord with no problems. If anyone has any suggestions to keep them from breaking and cracking let me know. I found the idea done with other fun colors such as browns and pinks like the ones you get from bins at your local grocery store. Make them to cordinate with any outfit and enjoy eating them afterwards - LOL!:)

Monday, April 6, 2009


Check out Amazon today or my all time FAV website WEEFINDS where they have it posted for great deals on movies such as Madagascar 2 or Kung Fu Panda for only $8!! When you spend $25 you get free shipping. What a great gift or addition to your movie collection :)

"I'm OvEr HeRe...I'm HiDiNg"

Do you want a fun game for your kids?
I found these in my Family Fun magazine and fell in love!!
You hide him, push the on button and listen to him shout out giggles, silly noises and a few "I'm over here, I am hiding - hehehehe!." Open him up and there is a suprise hiding inside.
Saturday I found it a Wal-mart for $5 and got so excited to bring it home to the kids. They come in all sorts of colors.
My husband was being silly hiding it over and over for the kids to run and find.
I thought it would be great for younger toddlers as well. It's a fun alternative to hide and go seek. Run out get one, two, or a dozen and have a FUN!!