Sunday, April 26, 2009

{Hightlights for Kids}

New puzzle fun for ages 4–7!
Puzzle Buzz gets kids thinking and feeling excited about what they can accomplish...
Puzzle Buzz is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your young child to the skill-building fun of puzzles, mazes, matching games, and more! Each 32-page book includes 3 interactive sticker activities and a wide variety of colorful puzzles that will keep your child happy and busy as a bee. With Puzzle Buzz, kids think just for the fun of it!

A about a month ago I got an offer in the mail for these Highlight books and thought they would be great for my "puzzle loving" kids. They come every 5 weeks and are pretty inexpensive for all the stuff that come inside the books. Extremely worth it for the hours my children have spent devouring them. I checked out the website and there dozens of other magazines to subscribe to for all age groups. Click here for the website: HIGHLIGHTS

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