Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Candelabra

The other day my good friend and I were exploring a home decor store, when we came upon a darling Halloween Candelabra. I was instantly in love with it and probably would have bought it until I realized it was over $60. I let the idea of having one go until the other night. I decided to google 'How To Make A Halloween Candelabra'. Instantly a blog popped up with a really cool idea of how to make one. I thought to myself it can't be that hard and headed out to our local thrift store.
I bought this chandelier for $8.00This old lamp for $5.00
Then I stripped them to pieces. I took out the wires, light sockets, and everything else I wasn't in need of.
Then I searched the dress-up box for old broken beads.
Put my lamp and my chandelier together.
I spent $2.00 on black spray paint at Lowe's. Then I spray painted everything!!
After it was dry, I hot glued the beads around the chandelier.
Added some candles and some creepy cloth for decoration effects and TADA....
My very own DIY Halloween Candelabra!
And it only cost me $24.00 including the candles.