Friday, January 29, 2010

{Fun NEW Websites I Have Found}

Sorry I haven't posted anything new lately...
The holidays were crazy and I was trying to recoupe and finally get our house unpacked (we moved 5 months the past month.
But I have come across a couple fun new blogs...

Want FuUuUn bows, bracelets, watch bands and crayon rolls for you and your kids?  Head on over to Oh So Girly!!  I just recieved my order in the mail and they are great products and at a GREAT price.  I can't wait to give the crayon rolls to my kids for Easter (or Valentines cause I just can't wait) and the bows and flowers will be so fun in Ellie's hair.  I bought a bracelet for her too that is adorable.  She was wonderful to work with and I got my order very fast! 

Another GREAT site for fun Scrapbooking deals is...
It is a lot like!  They have a new deal everyday at a GREAT check it out!!

If I come across some other great sites or if you have any that would be great to post here please let me know!:)