Friday, April 24, 2009


So I came across this website OLDNAVYWEEKLY after hearing about some great coupons you can get by clicking on hidden things on the mannequins or within their scenes. It comes out every Friday at midnight and I hear it's tough to get the good one - $75 off $100 purchase. But there are some other great deals I thought I would share with you...
Click and drag the blue stripe shirt onto the pink stripe shirt on the mannequin for $5 off swimsuits.
Watch the video and click on her powder puff for $10 off $50 purchase.
Double click on the lady's red hair (comb it like Kelly) and get 30% off - right now I think that's the best one!
Click on the little girls shorts and get $5 off by purchasing adult and kid shorts.
Click on the mom with the girl and get $5 off purchase of $25.
There are two that are out and that's clicking to erase the cotton candy and a red ball bouncing in the screen with the mom and little girl. I think one of those was the big one - they both will say scandal and the coupons are gone. The coupons are good for a week and only in store. You can only print one not all of them. Good Luck!!

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