Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Candelabra

The other day my good friend and I were exploring a home decor store, when we came upon a darling Halloween Candelabra. I was instantly in love with it and probably would have bought it until I realized it was over $60. I let the idea of having one go until the other night. I decided to google 'How To Make A Halloween Candelabra'. Instantly a blog popped up with a really cool idea of how to make one. I thought to myself it can't be that hard and headed out to our local thrift store.
I bought this chandelier for $8.00This old lamp for $5.00
Then I stripped them to pieces. I took out the wires, light sockets, and everything else I wasn't in need of.
Then I searched the dress-up box for old broken beads.
Put my lamp and my chandelier together.
I spent $2.00 on black spray paint at Lowe's. Then I spray painted everything!!
After it was dry, I hot glued the beads around the chandelier.
Added some candles and some creepy cloth for decoration effects and TADA....
My very own DIY Halloween Candelabra!
And it only cost me $24.00 including the candles.


  1. You are so amazing! Love it! I'd probably have to search 13 thrift stores to find a lamp or chandelier that would work... and I'm not creative enough to improvise. You seriously amaze me.

  2. This looks great though I'm not sure I'd go with the candles as it looks like most of what you used to make it is flammable. Instead I'd use really low power LED Halloween lights and carefully use a hot glue gun to add 'wax' dripping down. Fantastic work though.