Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School Days Autograph Book

Yes, it's happened. I have turned into my Father. And spending money for something that is just going to get thrown away in a couple years has become, well, difficult. When they sent home the note that Year Books were $15.00, I choked. Okay not really. I did throw the note away, though. Then as the end of the year approached, I felt terrible. I didn't want to be known as "The Mother Who Didn't Buy Her Kids A Yearbook". And I didn't want my kids to feel any less important. Sure, yearbooks are fun to look at once or twice, but they usually end up in the trash. Most of mine did anyway. I thought about it and decided, the best part of yearbooks is signing each others. I decided even though I couldn't justify the $30 in Yearbook fees--I would still make Yearbook signing day fun. (While I still can--cause I know this wont suffice them forever.)

Using blank index cards, my cricut, decorative paper, a hole punch, and book rings I created these autograph books. Maybe it's still not as cool as seeing every one's picture, but it sure beats having to use a sheet of copy paper for your autograph page!

Disclaimer: I have nothing against our school's year book committee. Or Yearbook's in general. I think we have a wonderful elementary school and a wonderful, hard working PTA. Thanks for a great year!! :]

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