Tuesday, June 29, 2010

--yummy SUMMERTIME treats--

I have seen this idea on numerous blogs so we thought we would give it a try...
All you need is a melon - cantaloupe, honeydew or a watermelon
and a package of Jello.

Examples --
Raspberry, Cherry or Strawberry for the cantaloupe
Lime for the honeydew
or we are going to do Watermelon flavor for the watermelon;)

Cut in half and scoop out the middles to whatever thickness you want.
Place upside down to on paper towel to dry.
Make jello according to the Jello Jigglers recipe and pour into fruit.
We placed ours in a bowl to make it stand flat because our cantaloupe wasn't that round on the bottom.
Put in fridge till Jello is set up, cut and enjoy!!!!
My kids thought it was so fun and YUMMY!!

Another FUN and refreshing treat this summer is homemade SLUSHIES --
I found this recipe over at The Idea Room!!
You need: Large resealable plastic bag, small resealable plastic bag, rock salt, ice and a drink.For a drink you can use orange juice, lemonade or Kool aid.  We used Root Beer -- mmmm!!

Place the ice (about 2 cups) in the large bag.

Add rock salt ( about 1/3 cup) to the ice.

Pour the juice in small bag a seal tightly. Put the small bag into the larger bag and seal the large bag.
Now shake the bags until the juice turns into a slushie.  Gloves helped because it's SOOO COLD!  And I suggest making it outside...our counter was covered in salt;)
Enjoy with a spoon or a straw!!

Another GREAT recipe is ICE CREAM in a bag (which we are going to try up camping)!!

2 TB sugar
1 cup half and half
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup salt (The bigger the granules, the better.
Kosher or rock salt works best, but table salt is fine.)
Ice cubes (enough to fill each gallon-size bag about half full)
1 pint-size ziplock bag
1 gallon-size ziplock bag

1. Combine the sugar, half and half, and vanilla extract in the pint-size bag and seal it tightly.
2. Place the salt and ice in the gallon-size bag, then place the sealed smaller bag inside as well. Seal the larger bag. Now shake the bags until the mixture hardens (about 5 minutes). Feel the small bag to determine when it's done.
3. Take the smaller bag out of the larger one, add mix-ins, and eat the ice cream right out of the bag. Easy cleanup too! Serves 1.

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