Monday, June 22, 2009

▬To All Those GREAT "POPS" Out There!!▬

I love Father's Day and the opportunity to Celebrate our DAD'S!! But I admit it's hard to find gifts for those wonderful men in our lives!☺ So this year I cam up with a "POP" theme. It was really fun and you can't go wrong with giving guys food as a present! My talented twins helped me decorate some brown bags for their Dad and Grandpa's. Than I added these fun "POPS" --
-Corn Pops
-Pop Tarts
-Oreo Pops (chocolate covered Double Stuffed Oreo's on a stick)
-Pop Corn
-A Tie that "POPS"
-Pop Rocks
-Ring Pops
Than I tied a saying I had printed "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO A GREAT "POP"!!"For my BIL I gave them each their favorite Pop and Popcorn tied with the saying...

This was a fun and inexpensive gift to honor our Dad's this year! Wishing all the best to Dad's out there this Father's Day!!♥

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