Tuesday, May 12, 2009

◘Dinner Time Fun◘

I love Children's Book of the Month Club!! They have not only fun books but games and movies as well. Yesterday I got this fun Beginner Dinner Games in the mail and it was a huge hit at our dinner table last night!!☺ My kids ate all their dinner without complaints...probably because we had them entertained the whole time and they didn't even realize they had cleaned their plates. We played Silent Supper - you have to eat in silence for 1 minute and than tell about the sounds you hear. Daddy liked this the best;) My favorite was the Fruit and Veggie Game - you think of a fruit or veggie and than everyone asks you yes or no questions till someone gets it right. We were all laughing and having fun...a huge change from the milk spilling, silly slurping, arguing to get them to eat meals that we usually have! This one is for ages 3-6 but they have other's that are for older kids. You have to be a member of CBOMC to order this but here is a link to Family Time Fun Dinner Games or Amazon for this and other great dinner games!!☺

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